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Theatre Costume Designs - Selected Designs listed, over 150 designs, 1984 - Present


2020             Oregon Contemporary Theatre               THE CURIOUS INCIDENT...                             John Schmor

                       Eugene, OR                                                A DOLL'S HOUSE, PART 2                              Tara Wibrew

                      University of Oregon                                A DOLL'S HOUSE                                              Theresa May

                      Eugene, OR

2019             Oregon Contemporary Theatre               GOOD PEOPLE                                                 Kirk Boyd


                      University of Oregon                                 MACHINAL                                                        Ellen Gillooly-Kress

2018            Oregon Contemporary Theatre               MISS BENNET: CHRISTMAS AT PEMBERLY  Elizabeth Helman


                       University of Oregon                                MOTHER COURAGE                                        Michael Najjar

                                                                                           TRICKS TO INHERIT (premiere)                      Olga Sanchez-Salveit

2017             Oregon Contemporary Theatre                VENUS IN FUR                                                 Craig Willis

                                                                                            MIDDLETOWN                                                Tara Wibrew                                                      

2016             University of Oregon                                 THE DEAD                                                        Michael Najjar

                                                                                            WONDER IF WONDER WHY                         John  Schmor                                                                                                          (premiere)

                      Oregon Contemporary Theatre                THE REVOLUTIONISTS                                   Elizabeth Helman


2015             University of Oregon                                 THE SCHOOL FOR LIES                                  Tricia Rodley

                      Eugene Opera                                             SWEENEY TODD                                             Bill Fabris

                       Eugene,  OR

                      Oregon Contemporary Theatre                A CHRISTMAS CAROL                                    Elizabeth Helman   

                                                                                           DONTRELL, WHO KISSED THE SEA               Craig Willis


2014             Oregon Contemporary Theatre                THE GREAT GATSBY                                        Elizabeth Helman

                                                                                            BECKY’S NEW CAR                                         Brian Haimbach

                                                                                            ORDINARY DAYS                                             Craig Willis

                                                                                            I AND YOU                                                       Craig Willis

                                                                                            A CHRISTMAS CAROL                                    Elizabeth Helman

                      University of Oregon                                  BETWEEN THE ACTS                                      John Schmor

                                                                                            LANDSCAPE OF THE BODY                           Jean Sidden

                      Eugene Opera                                             GIRL OF THE GOLDEN WEST                         David Lefkowich

                                                                                            THE ELIXIR OF LOVE                                       Patrick Hansen

2013             University of Oregon                                 9 PARTS OF DESIRE                                        Michael Najjar



                      Oregon Contemporary Theatre                AUGUST, OSAGE COUNTY                            Tara Wibrew

                                                                                            WHO AM I THIS TIME?                                   Brian Haimbach

                                                                                            BOOM                                                              Bobby Vrtis

                      Eugene Opera                                             LA TRAVIATA                                                    Bill Fabris

2009             Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park              A SANDERS' FAMILY CHRISTMAS                 Alan K. Bailey

                       Cincinnati,  OH

2007             Seattle Children’s Theatre                         HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL                               Linda Hartzell

                       Seattle,  WA

                      Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park              SANDERS FAMILY: HOMECOMING               Alan K. Bailey



2006             Utah Shakespeare Festival                        PEG O’ MY HEART                                           Jim O’Connor

                       Cedar City, UT

                      Seattle Children’s Theatre                         HONUS AND ME                                             Steven Dietz

2005             Merrimack Repertory Theatre                   A SANDERS' FAMILY CHRISTMAS                 Alan K. Bailey

                       Lowell, MA

                       Seattle Shakespeare Theatre                    THE TEMPEST                                                 David Coles

                        Seattle, WA

2004             Village Theatre                                            SOUTH PACIFIC                                              Steve Tompkins

                        Issaquah, WA

                      Tacoma Actor’s Guild                                  THE DRAWER BOY                                         Rita Giomi

                       Tacoma, WA                                               THE CURATE’S AS YOU LIKE IT                      Pat Patton

                      Taproot Theatre Company                         SHADOWLANDS                                            Karen Lund

                       Seattle, WA

2003             Seattle Children’s Theatre                         THE SHAKESPEARE STEALER                         Rita Giomi

                                                                                            THE TRUE CONFESSIONS                              Rita Giomi

                                                                                                       OF CHARLOTTE DOYLE

                      Tacoma Actors’ Guild                                 EDUCATING RITA                                             Rita Giomi

2002             Tacoma Actors’ Guild                                 THE BALTIMORE WALTZ                                Rita Giomi

2001             Seattle Children’s Theatre                         JOHNNY TREMAIN                                           Rita Giomi

                      Indiana University Theatre                         OEDIPUS THE KING                                        Howard Jensen

                       Bloomington, IN

                      Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park              SMOKE ON THE MOUNTAIN                         Alan K. Bailey


2000             Indiana Repertory Theatre                         THE MIRACLE WORKER                                 Priscilla Lindsay

                       Indianapolis, IN

                       Indiana University                                      INTO THE WOODS                                         George Pinney

1999             Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park              A SANDERS’ FAMILY CHRISTMAS                 Alan K.  Bailey


                       Indiana Repertory Theatre                        MACBETH                                                        Risa Brainin

                       Indiana University                                      THE SERVANT OF TWO MASTERS                Murray McGibbon

1998             Actors’ Theatre of Louisville                      DINNER WITH FRIENDS                                 Michael Bloom

                       Louisville, KY                                               THE TRESTLE AT POPE LICK CREEK              Adrian Hall

                       Humana Festival                                        TI JEAN BLUES                                                  Joanne Akalitis

                      Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park              SKYLIGHT                                                         Steven Woolf

                      Illinois Shakespeare Festival                      MEASURE FOR MEASURE                              Calvin MacLean

                      Bloomington, IL

                      Purdue University                                       A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM                  Rita Giomi

                       West Lafayette, IN                                     “TIDES AND SOLITUDES”                              Sally Wallace

                                                                                                      (American  College Dance Festival,

                                                                                                       Washington DC)

1997             Indiana Repertory Theatre                         A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM                 Danielle Bedeau

                                                                                             MOLLY SWEENEY                                          Libby Appel

                                                                                             I AM SOMEBODY (premiere)                       Connie Oates

                      Madame Walker Theatre  Center             “ELEGBA CROSSINGS”  (premiere)              Iris Rosa

                       Indianapolis, IN                                                        

                      PowerTap Productions                               MR. ROBERTS                                                  Karen Conrad

                       Chicago, IL

                      Purdue University                                       TAMING OF THE SHREW                                Rita Giomi

1996             Actor’s Theatre of Louisville                      JACK AND JILL                                                  John Jory

                       Humana Festival                                        THE BATTING CAGE (premiere)                     Lisa Peterson

                                                                                            STRANGE ENCOUNTERS (premiere)            Douglas Hughes


                      Illinois Shakespeare Festival                      THE TEMPEST                                                  Patrick O’Geara

1995             Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park              THE MOUSETRAP                                           Timothy Near

                      Indiana Repertory Theatre                         GOD’S PICTURES (premiere)                         Andrew Tsao


                      Purdue University                                       TWELFTH NIGHT                                             Jim O’Connor 

                                                                                            MACBETH                                                        Jim O’Connor

                      Toronto Fringe Festival                               THE LAST FLAPPER                                         Steven Scott

                       Toronto, ON, CA

1994             Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park              THE  VOICE OF THE PRAIRIE                         Steven Woolf

                        and Repertory St. Louis

                      Purple Rose Productions                            THE VAST DIFFERENCE                                  Guy Sanville

                       Detroit, MI

1993             Purple Rose Theatre                                   THE VAST DIFFERENCE (premiere)               Guy Sanville

                       Chelsea, MI                                                                  

                      Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park              DEATH AND THE MAIDEN                              Edward Stern

                      Williamstown Theatre Festival                  THE WAITING ROOM                                     David Schweitzer

                      Williamstown, MA




1984             University of Oregon                                 Master of Fine Arts                                         Theatre Design

1982             University of Puget Sound                        Bachelor of Arts                                              Art

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